Something Ventured

Darker Depths

Trouble in Windshire

The newly formed “Burning Sindar” adventuring company finally arrives at the small town of Windshire, in Aundair. The old dwarf Teldorthan seemed to finally prove his worth by getting all of the travel papers in order. The journey into Aundair from the Eldeen Reaches passed without international incident.

In the small hamlet of Windshire the party met the locals, drank, beer, and was nearly evicted from the lone Inn. Marious was able to smooth talk the establishment’s owner and ensure all was well…after first causing her intense anger.

The group learned of kobold raids that plague the local trade routes. They agreed to Lord Padraig’s request to find and eliminate the source of the trouble at the nearby kobold lair. Further, the Burning Sindars learned of a missing scholar named Douven Staul. He has apparently vanished while searching an ancient dragon burial site to the southwest. Forgetting about the goblins in the abandoned temple in the nearby town of Redleaf, in the Eldeen Reaches, the group learned nothing new about that menace or how it could be related to the troubles here.

The group decided to investigate the kobold threat first. They figure that if any dragons have been dead at the burial ground for thousands of years they’ll probably still be there in a few days. Poor Douven Staul might quibble with that logic but the group ventured out nonetheless! In true Burning Sindar fashion, the party was ambushed and nearly killed shortly after leaving Windshire. With the help of the materialistic cleric Cantor, the newest addition to the group, our brave heroes managed to win the day. Barely. The journey to the Kobold lair continues!



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