Something Ventured

Goblin Trouble
Ambushes, and temples, and goblins, oh my!

Inexperienced adventurers find themselves in the town of Redleaf looking for work. The clerics of Arawai seek to claim this temple but they are afraid that perhaps they are not the only ones with designs on the ancient place. The High Priest, Ressilmae Starlight, enlists the old dwarf Teldorthan to organize an expidition to the site to ensure it is safe to occupy.

The party accepts the mission and journeys to the temple. But things start out badly as they are ambushed by goblins a short distance from town! The players manage to defeat their attackers in a close battle. The attacks continue, increasing in ferocity, as the party explores the ancient temple. It is clear that the goblins have taken over the place, though it doesn’t look like they have been here long. The mission culminates in a battle with a magic wielding goblin who nearly destroys the entire party! Somewhat miraculously, the party members triumph.

They find a mysterious puzzle box on the body of the magic user and decide to keep it for further study later.

Upon returning to the Blue Moon Alehouse in Redleaf the adventurers are attacked by the goblins yet again! The battle goes poorly, with a commoner killed in the cross-fire, but again the party comes out on top. One of the attacking creatures flees into the darkness and escapes.

The village celebrates the players as heroes! The High Priest of Arawai, Ressilmae Starlight, visits the players to give his thanks for their good work. He also provides Teldorthan with another contract. The players agree to the terms and the old dwarf begins preparations for the journey to nearby Windshire.


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